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If you can dream it, we can create it! There are so many options for customization, the sky is literally not even the limit! Contact us with your ideas for what you would like customized! There are so many options and flexibility for every budget!

Looking for something specific, and unique for your celebration? Let me bring it to life! From creating stationary, to invitations, save the dates, menus, table seating charts, and signage, the possibilities are endless! Whatever you are thinking, reach out and lets make it!

Were here to take the stress off your big Soiree! From planning, customizing, and setting up. If its a wedding, or a Bachelorette Party, we arrive and take care of the hard work, so you have more time to party hard!

Looking for something specific for your party, but don't want to spend hundreds to purchase it? Of course not! Rent it! I can supply many things from glass candle holders, to even floral decor, reach out and see if we can help your soiree sparkle more!


We all have had that special moment, where a family or friend, has asked us to be their bridesmaid or maid of honor! Believe me, the word maid is the perfect word to describe your duties. But this is also a huge honor, and a very exciting time to make the bride feel so special on her days to come. First there's the engagement party, then the bridal shower, then the all time favorite bachelorette party, and finally the wedding day! I have had this honor now twice already, throwing every single party, and even fully planning the entire wedding! I knew from the beginning, that my small side business was going to change. Although the task were sometimes difficult, and time consuming, I enjoyed every second of planning these parties for my favorite people! I realized, there needs to be a person who can do what I can do, on these special days, because not only did I miss out on time in place of decorating, and making rooms perfect, but I was exhausted at the end! It was a lot of work! I much rather enjoyed my time with my girls, instead of sending them away for a couple of hours while I slaved away decorating and running around. The end result was beautiful, and their reactions made it so worth it, but I decided to create this business to help all the other girls in the world help celebrate their brides! 

From planning and organizing, to setting up and making everything beautiful, we are your one stop shop for your soiree planning needs! Whatever you dream of, we can create, contact us and give us your details for the big day, and what services you are in need of, and we can take it from there!

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