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Where do I begin?

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to create. I get that from my momma! Art supplies, and craft stores were always a comforting thing, and place for me to be. To be able to express myself and get this itch inside of me out. Sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing, or what I will create, and sometimes, almost immediately I know exactly what I want things to look or turn out like. I followed multiple paths in my life, and no matter what I did, and still do, there was always a voice in the back of my head saying you can do more. It all started when I first bought that Cricket Maker a couple of years ago. Then, thru lots of trial and error, The Paper Soiree Co. was born! I started with just making cake toppers, and banners, and doing small little projects, but it always led to parties and celebrations and being able to add that special unique touch to them. Then a couple of my close family members and my best friend got engaged, and of course, me being type A, took over all party decor! Being a bridesmaid and maid of honor was such a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to build my business in this new direction that I wanted it to go. From planning, to setting up, to customizing, this all just brought not only me so much joy, but my brides to be as well! I want to bring this joy to all the brides out there, and to be able to make all these bridesmaid's shine too!

This is The Paper Soiree Co


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